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Reduce administrative burden.
Setup and send the invoices, we’ll take it from there.


Setup rules so income and invoices that get paid automatically turn into Creator payments.


Spend less time on invoices. Create an invoice in two clicks. Keep your cash flowing.

Track all payment requests and be alerted when you’re paid. Never worry about getting paid again!

Tie invoices to payouts. Stay on top of cash flow by paying a Creator when their brand campaign is paid.

Accept any payment, any way. Credit cards, Bank transfers, Wires, and we’ll soon allow Crypto payments.

Automate Accounts Receivables

Creator Pay gives you the range of options you need to get paid, all in one place. Collect payments fast and grow your bottom line faster.

Collect all platform payouts from where Creators earn. Aggregate earnings for a higher level overview and stay on top of all income.

Route invoices to the right Creators and ensure they’re paid on time with prompt reminders.

From subscription revenue, to merchandise, to recurring payments, Capture all of your Creator’s income in one platform.

Keep your cash flowing, so your creators can keep creating.

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Collect, Automate, and Simplify Creator Platform Earnings

Platform earnings can be the lion's share of a Creator’s earnings yet can be the most complex to manage. Creator Pay simplifies complex platform reports into simple rules that automatically calculates, splits, and pays Creators earnings.

All the ways you pay and get paid

Creator Pay has revolutionized the agency and Creator payment structure, allowing for ease of transactions, automatic tracking and invoice customization for our clients and talented Creators.

Wil Geller

Bradley Road Management, COO

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